rainydaygratitude, the person


Rainydaygratitude hails from a strange bubble called ‘The West Coast’: she grew up in a little hippy surfer town near San Diego, moved to San Francisco when she was eighteen and went to university years later in Portland. She studied literature because she liked reading books and writing poetry but never really gave much thought to what she would do to earn money afterwards. She sometimes wishes she had gone to a trade school instead.

She moved to Barcelona on a whim in 2006, and is still not really sure why. There, amidst teaching English and learning Spanish, she managed to meet, fall in love with and marry her very own Mr. Darcy (with the accent and everything), who took her kicking and screaming to Cologne. Okay, the middle part is a lie, but some of those days were certainly dark and dreary. However, her children were born there, and they are pretty much the bestest, most awesome-est, wildest little monkeys in the world.

Now she resides, oddly enough, in the suburbs of New Jersey, which is just about as prosaic and conventional as it gets. She is, however, still a seeker at heart.

Even with all her amazing blessings, she gets sad. Sometimes it’s because of the grey, grey rain, sometimes it’s because of too many thoughts in her head and sometimes she doesn’t know why, but she’s trying to replace it with gratitude.




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