25 Things I Like about Myself

So, here I am in my hometown – sort of. My parents left the beautiful coast and moved east into nowhere land and now I’m forced to drive an hour just to get into my town to eat a burrito. They have burritos out here, but it’s not the same. 

Anyway. One good thing about coming home is that I always see all my “healthcare practitioners”: my acupuncturist, my chiropractor, my neuro-muscular massage therapist, etc. (And yes, if you were wondering, I am from California.). I see all of thes people off and on, along with regular doctors and therapists, because I just know that the depression and exhaustion that I feel is not normal. That there is something that can be diagnosed and corrected, leaving me at least with the energy to deal with the depression and crap. I’m well on my way to finding this. Latest diagnosis: Hashimoto’s (More on that later).

I have high hopes for this being the answer. But, according to my neuro-muscular massage therapist, Laura, I am also killing myself with my negativity. In fact, she called me abusive. She asked me to tell her 5 positive things about myself. I said that I was compassionate, passionate, loyal, determined and I had a good sense of humor. She asked me if I meant it. I said, “Well, I meant the first three. The last two, I just sort of said…”So she gave me homework: TWENTY FIVE things I like about myself. As if five weren’t hard enough. But, here goes. A list of twenty-five things I like about myself. And yes, I’m reusing the three I already said. 

1. I am compassionate.
2. I am passionate.
3. I am loyal.
4. I give wise advice.
5. I am able to laugh at myself.
6. I have great hair.
7. I am a good cook and baker.
8. I love my son.
9. I am intelligent.
10. I am artistic.
11. I always want to make others comfortable.
12. I am organized.
13. I am a good reader; I love books.
14. I always look up when walking, and smile at the sky and building tops, even if it’s grey and rainy.
15. I love Christmas and have a good holiday spirit.
16. I like animals.
17. I think of volunteering often and value giving service.
18. I am athletic.
19. I can usually see all sides of an issue.
20. I am a good mediator.
21. I am very introspective.
22. I have what others have called a ‘Clara Bow mouth’.
23. I am a good people person.
24. I smile at strangers.
25. I am a ‘Capital R’ Romantic. I once wrote a poem sitting in the middle of a foggy street.

Obviously, I was reaching on a few (I like animals?), but hey, at least I truly believe all twenty-five of these things.


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