Things I Love About My Son (Take One)

Today my little boy kissed me for the first time. Really, it was more like an open-mouthed slobber, but it was pretty much adorable. It made me realize that if I didn’t start writing these things down, I’d completely forget about them. So, here is a list of a few of the many wonderful things that I have discovered about my little boy:

  • It is particularly adorable when he thinks we aren’t paying attention to him and he plays hide n seek with himself. For example, today in the bath, he kept putting the washcloth on his face and saying, “Where’s Lucas?” if I didn’t say it fast enough.
  • He is incredibly generous and thoughtful. Especially about sharing. At playgroup on Wednesday, he brought another boy his water bottle and held it up to his mouth, waiting for him to drink. On the train, he often offers his snack to strangers sitting next to us. He also likes to ‘share’ toys with other children – particularly babies, which can be dangerous, as his method of sharing is throwing toys at their little sleeping faces.
  • He never walks, he always runs.
  • He absolutely loves reading. In fact, he barely plays with his toys, but he could read all day long. He really IS my son!
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