Note to Self


These ideas have all been expressed before, in list form even. Probably even all together in the same list. But suddenly, today, standing in the bathroom just before bed, they seemed to come to me in language I understood. I need to repeat them. Once or twice. Daily.

1. Don’t allow yourself to be such a perfectionist that you forget to allow yourself to be good at and dedicated to the things you choose to be.

2. Do not allow yourself to be so guilty that you truly don’t see the difference between certain oft-judged behaviors that you truly enjoy and ones that are truly harmful.

3. Do not allow yourself to be so replete with thee, that you forget to be truly you (Or, you know, whatever that poem by Sir Thomas Browne says…).

4. Do not give your thoughts so much credence. You needn’t perceive every negative thought as a failure to be grateful.

5. Do not devalue your contribution to the world, no matter how small.

6. Do not feel that you need to numb yourself to get through the day – YOU ARE HAPPY NOW.

7. Don’t waste any more time imagining the person you should be.

8. Don’t listen to the fears in your head – They are lying to you! All those bad things won’t happen.

9. Embrace your happiness today, not when you think you deserve it at some point in the future.

10. Stop thinking that there are any requirements to happiness other than the ones you’ve already got.


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